Lentils & Lace

Collagen Lift Paris

Collagen Lift Paris is a drinkable collagen supplement that is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles. It is enhanced with Mediterranean seaweed extract and vitamins, making it a potent source of anti-aging minerals and antioxidants. It also assists to increase skin elasticity and moisture. It has known to increase skin hydration...

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Make-up for men

  Men are becoming more aware of their skin and the way they look. The trend has become a well-groomed look with dewy skin. Although there are many skincare products in the market that are suited for the different types of skins and that are used by many men, the...

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Kalahari Skincare

  Our skins change with the seasons. Environmental factors such as sun exposure, hormonal changes, medication, chronic illness, tobacco, alcohol, stress and fatigue all have a huge impact on the skin. Biologically, the skin starts aging in women from the age of 25. Most commonly mature skins show signs of...

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