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DIY Cooking by SuzelleDIY

DIY Cooking!! Famous for her hilarious do-it-yourself videos, SuzelleDIY has released her very own cookbook, Recipes. Also available in Afrikaans, the pages are full of delicious recipes that Suzelle has gathered and created over the years, from her ouma’s old classics to her own creative ideas that will get everyone...

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Many hands make light work

There is nothing better than getting together to put a meal together. ‘Fired wood Oven Cooking’ has over 100 simple recipes and top skills to master the wood fired feast. Anyone with an outside space, from a city centre balcony to a leafy green country garden, can pick up and...

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Oh how Very Peri!!

The Olami cookbook from Nirit Saban of the popular deli on Bree Street, Cape Town is all about simple, nourishing, wholesome food. Olami, a word used in Israel, means global, universal and worldly, and Nirit’s recipes open the door to many fusions and intermingling flavours from the Middle East to...

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Something new is brewing at The Table Bay

Another distinctively Table Bay experience has arrived at “Cape Town’s Best Address”. The destination has created its own, exclusive craft beer with Darling Brewery. Adding to the hotel's array of differentiating experiences - from its signature Methode Cap Classique (MCC) and specially blended house wine to its famous rainbow cheese...

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