Jenny Morris

Around the world the Avo way

It's no secret that we South Africans love our avos. But, it would seem, we're not the only ones. As the World Avocado Organisation (WAO), of which South Africa is a member, prepares to celebrate World Avocado Month this June, it has been revealed that we share the honour of...

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 Being Bertus Basson

In his second book, acclaimed South African chef Bertus Basson provides a deeper look into his restaurants and his food philosophy. Rooted in local food culture and the culinary experiences of his childhood, his menus are driven by fresh ingredients and seasonal produce. In ‘Being Bertus Basson’, readers will feel...

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DIY Cooking by SuzelleDIY

DIY Cooking!! Famous for her hilarious do-it-yourself videos, SuzelleDIY has released her very own cookbook, Recipes. Also available in Afrikaans, the pages are full of delicious recipes that Suzelle has gathered and created over the years, from her ouma’s old classics to her own creative ideas that will get everyone...

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