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Healing Power of Rooibos Teas

We have all faced challenges with health and skincare some time or the other.  The aim to find that one product that will help eliminate some of these symptoms can really be daunting.  With the way skincare and healthcare formulas are changing, it seems that most of us are resorting...

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Hope Malau celebrates SA Food

‘Johanne 14’ explores the secrets of simple, home-cooked meals in South Africa’s townships with Hope Malau. Told through the eyes of award-winning food writer Hope Malau, the book features authentic, traditional dishes cooked with love, and acknowledges the ability of countless unsung kitchen heroes – the mothers, fathers, grandparents and...

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A real classic

‘The Classic South African Cookbook’, published by Struik Lifestyle, is exactly that – classic home cooking for South Africans the way they eat now. In line with the country’s diverse cultures, which often blend more harmoniously in the kitchen than in any other sphere of life, this book is a...

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