Trusted Interns calls on SA businesses to value graduates and #ShiftTomorrow

Trusted Interns calls on SA businesses to value graduates and #ShiftTomorrow

Since 14 January, the Trusted Interns’ #ShiftTomorrow campaign has changed lives.

3368 new graduate sign ups, 18 partners and over R500,000 worth of career development opportunities have been raised, and now it is up to business leaders to take things up a notch.

We built Trusted Interns to give graduates a platform to access internship opportunities across South Africa. More than 6000 graduates, and counting, are hungry to start contributing to our economy, but now it’s time for the industry to recognize their passion – and match it”
says Trusted Interns founder, Jaryd Raizon.

South Africa has the 2nd highest youth unemployment rate in the world. Every year 1000s of graduates enter the job market to find that their voices aren’t heard. Since kick-off, eight new businesses have come on board, joining the 30 internships already listed, to open up positions in their companies and help satisfy the need for employment. But it’s not enough.

“Graduates bring an entirely unique value-add to businesses. They offer fresh perspectives and often have a closer connection to the target audience. Employers in any field just need to tap into this diversity and see for themselves.”
When businesses take on an intern through the #ShiftTomorrow campaign, each one also gets access to a short-course through the Trusted Interns education partners – Educate24 and Red & Yellow School of Marketing – to ensure they’re real-world ready.

If your company would like to change the life of even one young South African, register on or contact Jaryd directly on