Fashion Tips for SunMet 2019

Fashion Tips for SunMet 2019

The biggest, most glamorous horse-racing event of the season/year – SunMet – is taking place in Cape Town on January 26. Racing enthusiasts and fashionistas will celebrate together and witness the thrill of Africa’s richest race day. I spoke to Glenlivet’s brand ambassador, Marco Van Der Put, to give us some tips on style and fashion for the day.

What five fashion tips can you share with our readers and your guests ahead of The Glenlivet JazzTown at the next week?

Since the theme is Precious Metals at this year’s Sun Met, here are my top five fashion tips to “Jazz up” your outfit for The Glenlivet Jazz Town this week:

Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize! – For the Ladies I suggest that they should play around with Gold, Silver and Platinum jewellery (bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings etc.). The louder the jewellery, the better. And for the gentlemen I suggest going with silver or gold rings, lapel pins, sleek watches or even a vintage pocket watch with a chain to add a bit of character to their outfits.

Outfits – For the ladies I would recommend wearing simple and chic outfits as the accessories will be key in making you stand out. The gentlemen have it much easier as usual when it comes to outfits. I would advise the gents to wear a tailor made fitted suit made from a light material for them to be comfortable on the day.

Colours – Ladies in my opinion should wear neutral colours, which will make their precious metal accessories stand out more. And for the gentlemen, I would go with light colours, or even floral shirts, which will be complemented by their Gold/Rose Gold/Platinum or Silver accessories.

*For those who are brave enough to take a fashion risk, they could play around and wear metallic blazers, trousers, shoes, dresses etc. to “jazz”’ up their look.

Makeup – In this case I would recommend that ladies should get creative with their makeup and utilize metallic lipstick, eye shadow etc. Get those faces looking flawless girls.

Shoes – This is a crucial part of the outfit. For ladies and gentlemen I would recommend wearing stylish and comfortable shoes.

This is really going to be a stylish event with the finest local celebs and entertainment that will guarantee every guest an exhilirating experience.