This season’s Dress Codes by Lentils and Lace

This season’s Dress Codes by Lentils and Lace

It’s that time of the year when there are many weddings and parties, which you will be attending, but what would you wear? Firstly, read the invitation carefully – it will always state whether the dress code is formal, informal or casual. With hot days in summer it does become a little difficult to choose the right outfit for the occasion, but let’s banish the pre-party attire jitters with these quick tips.

BLACK TIE/FORMAL usually means the same thing, which is when women would wear a cocktail dress or a long formal dress, and the men would dress in a tuxedo. The little black dress is quite appropriate too and makes dressing easier as they are a cooler, more relaxed form of attire and comfortable. The jumpsuit is so trendy this season, and a good alternative. Pair this with a classic gold or silver sandal and carry a classic clutch. For those of you who feel a little chilly in the evenings, draping a shawl over the shoulders will add more detail to the outfit, while keeping you warm as well. If you need to head out to a cocktail party straight after work, then a chic knee-length black or floral dress will suffice. Just make sure that the jewellery, shoes and handbag matches the attire you choose.

FORMAL leaves you with many options. The best part is that you dress according to the season. This could be brightly coloured dresses with lots of texture for the summer days. Off the shoulder long dresses are in this season. There is a variety to choose from and the choices are endless. From knee-length dresses to the feminized trouser suit, it makes dressing much more effortless. Classic open-toe pumps are comfortable for this look. Keep jewellery simple, or rather don’t wear, considering the humid nights. A flexi body bag is the best option for this look. Choose one with a thin strap and a mini sling, which will give you an option to use it as a cross body bag or strap it on your wrist. This makes it much easier to mingle while at the party and carry a glass in your hand without having to worry about adjusting your handbag the entire night. The trendy rose-gold colour is neutral and will go perfectly with any outfit.

CASUAL/INFORMAL is more relaxed overall. Clothing should be comfortable with a suitable amount of elegance. T-shirts, jeans and sneakers are allowed at a casual affair. Go for a summer dress, a skirt and shirt, or a trousers and shirt. Keep jewellery to a minimum and wear comfortable summer sandals if you plan to dance the night away. Crossbody bags are the best for just carrying the essentials. Pumps, sneakers and sandals with block heels will add a bit of glamour and are foot friendly.

A blazer and bold jewellery can easily smarten up a simple outfit. The idea of dressing for a special occasion is to look classic and elegant, while not drawing too much attention. Choose your attire wisely and make sure that you are comfortable.