Happy feet with Falke

Happy feet with Falke

Fashion accessories have almost always been on point and in keeping with the seasons and weather changes, so there really is no reason to keep your socks out of the equation when putting together a cute outfit. This year’s summer fashions are all about bright, floral to soft pastel shades and all this style can be subsumed to benefit the feet. For an extra glam look without compromising on comfort, I can’t think of a cooler range of socks that that which can be found at Falke.

With Falke socks you simply cannot go wrong and you will always look fashion-forward. These are some of the most soft, durable and light-weight socks, but are also fun with dazzling prints and patterns to choose from. With so many shades and hues, it is easy to colour co-ordinate with any outfit in your closet.

Did you know that socks are very important to the life of your shoes? As feet are prone to sweating, this can cause damage to the footwear, which highlights the importance of good quality socks so make sure that you choose the best quality. Since there are numerous varieties and styles of socks, it is easy to pair them with the different types of shoes which you want to wear. Knee high socks can transform an outfit; they fit snug on the calves and are comfortable to wear all day. If you prefer socks to stay hidden which are simply best worn with sneakers, then a pair of secret socks or no-show socks is just perfect. It covers enough of the foot, stays in place and best of all it does not slip. They are best suited for sports, gyms and outdoor activities. For the sports enthusiast, Falke has a range of soft, durable heel and arch support socks that absorbs sweat while keeping the feet dry and thus protects against fungal and bacterial infections. The Falke SS18 sports collection limited edition cycling socks range features a seamless toe and sensitive cuff to provide comfort and arch support, which prevents the socks from sliding down mid-ride. They are also made with clever mesh panels to provide ventilation and a reinforced heel and toe for maximum durability.

If you’re not too much for colour coding your socks to your outfit, then play it safe with a classic black pair. It is still classy and of course elegant. Matching socks to your attire is important, but always choose a pair which is stylish, comfortable, non-slip and one that keeps the feet dry.

If you are the type of person who loves to pay attention to the comfort of your feet, then the Falke range of socks is the answer and will solve all your foot problems and keep you in style.


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