YUMCIOUS (Durbanville): Your mouth will love you at Jenny’s new restaurant

YUMCIOUS (Durbanville): Your mouth will love you at Jenny’s new restaurant


In the introduction to Jenny Morris’s – aka The Giggling Gourmet – latest book, titled ‘Yumcious’, she writes about opening her first restaurant in the Cape Quarter in Green Point.

Birthing it was no easy task, but Jenny had her ideas and dreams which came to fruition with Yumcious the restaurant. Now, she has opened a second one in the northern suburbs.

While the website is still being updated with the relevant information, you will find it in the De’Ville Centre, 36 Main Street, on the corner of Wellington Road. Apparently, locals have had no trouble locating it since it opened less than two months ago (like the other branch, they’ve flocked there in droves), but if you are coming from elsewhere and not familiar with the area (like me), select “Durbanville Centre, 11 Wellington Road” in Google Maps; that will get you there, and into the underground parking – which is free for three hours.

Once inside the centre, with Pick n Pay on your right, head left. The giant photograph of Jenny will tell you you’re in the right place. Inside, walls are painted the trademark pale green for a fresh and light look and adorned with a wonderful exhibition of art curated by Palette Fine Art Gallery. Everything is for sale, of course. Shelves hold pretty crockery and copies of all Jenny’s books for you to add to your collection.

Yumcious is open daily for breakfast and lunch, and like its counterpart in Green Point, its main attraction is the KiloTable™, alongside a small menu of burgers, open sandwiches, ciabatta and “Yumazini”.

The KiloTable concept is one where you dish up your food and pay according to the weight of your plate. The offerings change all the time so there’s always an exciting new selection of salads to try, as well as hot dishes – meats and vegetables. One thing you can be sure of, however, is that the famous award-winning pork belly with crackling that crunches so loudly when you bite into it will unfailingly be there. Load up with wonderful, homely, tummy-comforting food that is unpretentious and true to Jenny’s style of cooking. As she always says, your mouth will love you.

I zeroed in on that pork belly, with a bit of roast beef in gravy, lemon chicken, and helpings of salads and vegetables like broccoli and slaw, creamed spinach, roast pumpkin and lots of avocado. This is the best thing about the KiloTable: you can load up on your favourites and no one will judge you.

Jenny happened to be there the day we had lunch, and she insisted on ordering the salted caramel cheesecake for dessert. Like Oscar Wilde said, the only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it. In which case, you should probably look (or not look) too at the spectacular red velvet cake covered in crushed scarlet macarons.

Feasts and festivals are also part of the offerings at Yumcious; last weekend was all Thai, all day. Keep an eye on Jenny’s Facebook pages so you don’t miss out. She’s also toying with the idea of opening for dinner on selected nights, so let her know what you think.

* Yumcious is open daily from 8am till 5pm. De’Ville Centre, 36 Main Street, Durbanville, telephone 065 827 7777.

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By Bianca Coleman