Fairy tale magic in ‘Bollywood Enchanted’ at Artscape

Fairy tale magic in ‘Bollywood Enchanted’ at Artscape

Taare, founded in 2012, is a Bollywood dance troupe based in Cape Town. With a mission to promote and preserve the Indian arts through the use of Bollywood song and dance, the troupe provides a professional platform for aspiring dancers to pursue their passion. In doing so, Taare aims to contribute to the enrichment of the greater community through live performances. Taare’s dancers range from school-goers to university students to young working professionals who have come together with one common vision of embracing and sharing Indian dance.

After sold out productions such as ‘Dance through Bollywood’, ‘Rhythm India’, ‘Rivers of Emotion’ and ‘Live Love Bollywood’, Taare now presents ‘Bollywood Enchanted’ – a dance interpretation of a timeless fairytale. With a desire to produce something new and theatrical, while still keeping within Taare’s mission. the idea of a presenting a popular story through dance was born.

Inspired by one of the most beloved fairy tales of all time, ‘Bollywood Enchanted’ brings together some all-time favourite Bollywood songs in a “foot-tapping theatrical experience”. Audiences can catch the show at the Artscape Theatre from August 3 to 5.

Join the Taare dancers, alongside guest artists, as they bring to life the fabled themes of hope, love, and resilience while staying true to all that is Bollywood: rhythm, colour, and vibrancy.

‘Bollywood Enchanted’ plays host to several dance styles within the Indian dance genre – from Indian classical and folk dance styles, to increasingly popular modern Bollywood dance. The production will see creative collaborations with Ballroom and Latin, Contemporary, Belly dance, and Hip-hop, from dance companies Latin Fever, Dance For All, Dance Descendants and Graham’s Academy of Dance, respectively. With special attention to elaborate costumes and props, ‘Bollywood Enchanted’ promises to be a visual spectacle filled with something for everyone.

Director Ahneesh Valodia, founder of Taare, began dancing at the tender age of 8 and has never looked back since. However, after being diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, a degenerative muscular disorder, Valodia’s career as a performer was curtailed. At age of 21, he founded Taare as way of pursuing dance through choreography while creating a platform for dancers to pursue their passion for Bollywood dance and performance. Self-taught in Bollywood dance and trained in Kathak (Indian classical dance), with exposure to several other dance styles in his journey, Valodia aims to amalgamate these styles to produce fresh work that reflects the diversity and vibrancy of the Bollywood dance genre.

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Visit Taare.co.za, Facebook.com/TaareDance for more information.