FitFlop : Home of the comfiest footwear

FitFlop : Home of the comfiest footwear

Shopping around for comfortable shoes can be daunting, especially when there are so many brands that promote different styles, designs and colours. There are thousands of shoes in the market these days from slip-on sneakers, ballet pumps to boots and stilettos. Finding a proper shoe that fits the shape of your foot can also be quite a mission, as not all shoes are cut specifically for you. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis then a proper fitted shoe is a must. Bunions and corns should all be considered when choosing a shoe. If they hurt your feet, then they will just aggravate the pain; or if the shoe is too broad or too narrow, this too will be uncomfortable when walking. Bad shoes can turn into an uncomfortable disaster when travelling, or if you are on your feet the whole day.

I shopped around for the most comfortable pair of shoes that would be ideal for all seasons. So it was that my shoe hunt started and I took various issues into consideration. I looked at comfort, shape, style, fashion and the brand, which says a lot when it comes to the make. A broader fitted shoe will give the feet more room in the front thus, preventing toes being all squished. Narrow fitted shoes usually tire the feet, as they tend to swell during the day. My fashion tip is to choose a shoe that you are happy with; one that you are able to wear every day and one that will suit all seasons. My choice has to be the all purpose comfy, trendy sneaker.

My hunt for the perfect shoes ended at my all time favourite – the ever popular FitFlop. The FitFlop range has legions of loyal followers who love their brand for their sleek, on-trend styles and the fact that they are extremely comfortable as well. In the majority of their sneakers, such as the F-Sporty fringe sneakers and the Casa Loafer, FitFlop use dense-elastic ethylene-vinyl acetate in the construction of their soles. This material is highly used in high performance trainers, as it helps to absorb shock while walking as well as being both durable and extremely lightweight. This avoids putting any extra weight on your legs as you walk.

FitFlop shoes are made from triple-density EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), which provides a super-cushioned heel strike and helps avoid stress on the ankle and knee joints. The toe is made of medium density polymer, which helps effectively disperse areas of high pressure. The attractive wedge shape is another by-product of their ergonomic design, which makes them much more comfy and natural to walk in than traditional flip flops with flat foot beds. The ever-so-slight bevel around the edge of the shoe helps to keep the feet securely in the sandal, thus preventing foot or ankle pain. The triple density micro wobble helps promote pressure diffusion across the foot rather than focusing the weight on pressure points on the big toe, heel and ball of the foot. FitFlop has also introduced the anatomicush, a flexible, superlight single-density midsole with soft curves shaped to contour your feet.

So, why choose anything else when you can have a complete collection of stylish, practical shoes from Fit flop.