The Baxter tackles violence against women and children with JustMen

The Baxter tackles violence against women and children with JustMen

Are men doing enough to tackle the scourge of violence against women and children? The Baxter Theatre Centre’s latest flagship production ‘#JustMen’, which calls for men to unite and take a stand, will have its premiere at the Baxter Golden Arrow Studio, for two weeks only, from June 13 to 30, at 7.30pm nightly.

With the worldwide outbreak of the #MeToo disclosures, which has seen countless women breaking the silence surrounding sexual harassment and assault, “it has been a long time coming for men to take collective ownership of what is, at its core, a man’s issue.” Moreover, the frequent cases of abuse, rape and murder perpetrated against children and women in South Africa and other countries, have reached explosive and unacceptable proportions.

‘#JustMen’ is an attempt to heed the critical need for action and change this frightening reality as it tackles the problem head-on. This brand new production, made possible through funding from the City of Cape Town, is a clarion call to address the issue.

Directed by Heinrich Reisenhofer (‘Joe Barber’, ‘Suip!’), the cast is made up of Loukmaan Adams (‘Aunty Merle, The Musical’, ‘Kat and the Kings’), Thando Doni (‘Ubuze Bam’), Sherman Pharo (‘Suidooster’, ‘Vinkel en Koljander’) and Johan Baird (‘Sewende Laan’, ‘Generations’). Together, they have devised the play through a rigorous workshop process spanning four weeks of research and rehearsals.

‘#JustMen’ is an honest and empowering multi-lingual, docudrama for men, about men, performed by South African men who tell their own stories and take a stand against the epidemic of gender violence in the country.

“It has become evident that the magnitude of this problem can no longer be ignored. We have brought about this production to instigate change. We would like to invite all men, and especially leaders, captains of industries, managers and staff in business, government, organisations, academia, sport and all sectors, to come and see and support this vital work,” says Baxter CEO and artistic director, Lara Foot.

Director Reisenhofer explains, “This is a very personal project for me about bringing healing and transformation into the theatre space and engaging a brave and vulnerable conversation about men taking responsibility, not just for the men we want to be, but the kind of world we want to be part of. It is inspired by the remarkable work of programmes such as the Mankind Project and Imbadu Men’s Project that asks the question: what do we as men need to address, amongst men, to transform these issues?”

* There is an age restriction of 16 years.

‘#JustMen’ runs at the Baxter Golden Arrow Studio from June 13 to 30 at 7.30pm nightly and tickets cost R120.

Booking is through Webtickets or selected Pick n Pay stores.