CREATION: An incredible experience from the glass to the plate

CREATION: An incredible experience from the glass to the plate


Creation, in the heart of the Hemel-en-Aarde valley near Hermanus, is the home of exquisite wines and exceptional food pairings presented with a breathtaking view.

The story behind the farm is equally delightful, with a partnership and marriage just as significant as that of the wine and food. Swiss-born Jean-Claude (JC) and South African-born Carolyn Martin (née Finlayson) both come from wine pioneering stock spanning at least three generations and two continents, proved themselves worthy of taking up the challenge in 2002 of transforming the 40 hectares of land which had never been planted with vineyards before. The range today includes fine reds and whites under three labels, an easy-drinking and affordable entry level range, and an MCC.

In the tasting room, guests can enjoy a variety of pairings from the expected, such as cheese, chocolate or charcuterie, to the more unusual…vegan, brunch, small plates and gelato. In the case of the small plates, a chalkboard menu offers the wines followed by their dishes. For example, sauvignon blanc Semillon with pan seared kingklip, verbena polenta, peas, lettuce, apple and passion fruit emulsion. The Syrah Grenache is matched with pork and lamb’s liver sausage with spicy hummus, tomato and red onion chutney and pork crackling.

There is a non-alcoholic pairing of tea and canapes, and another for young adults pairing five foods with surprise drinks, while the Kiss And Tell pairing celebrates the love affair between pinot noir and chardonnay.

Creation food and wine pairing

The Story Of Creation comprises five courses with eight wines, beginning with a sensorial tasting of the Creation Sauvignon Blanc 2017 and the Creation Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2016. The dishes are seasonal, and in some cases even reflect the phase of the moon. The first pairing is Creation Viognier 2017, which was served with pinot noir mosbolletjies, curry butter and grape preserve, a dish to reflect the spirit of the harvest.

Chapter two is titled “Written In The Stars” and sees the Creation Reserve Chardonnay 2017 complementing exotic mushroom carpaccio dressed with basil, pecorino, orange Maldon salt, bee pollen, truffle and olive oil; it’s this one that is arranged on the plate according to the moon – crescent waxing or waning, full or new.

Up next is the Creation Reserve Pinot Noir 2016, the darling of the Hemel-en-Aarde region, which lends itself so well to the growing and the making of this delicate, temperamental, and delicious wine. It’s paired excellently with quail served with pearl barley, baby beetroot and dried raspberry, and aptly titled “Down Paradise Road”.

An Ode To Mother Earth is next up – Creation Reserve Merlot 2015 with cauliflower and celeriac soup, gorgonzola, thyme oil, and the very surprising element of fresh blueberries. Crazy but true. Last up is “What Grows Together Goes Together – Creation Syrah, Grenache 2016, a full-bodied Rhone-style blend to give the beef brisket a run for its money, accompanied by baby carrots, sumac polenta and liquorice jus.

A visit to Creation is always an incredible experience to be savoured, from the glass to the plate, to the vista of vineyards spread out before you.

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By Bianca Coleman