NOM NOM: Enjoy your favourites from morning till night

NOM NOM: Enjoy your favourites from morning till night


Nom Nom Eatery opened in Somerset West in January, offering a relaxed, easy-eating style, from breakfast to dinner, at any time of the day.

Feel like a steak at 9am? No problem, it’s yours. French toast at 5pm? Coming right up. The menu carries a wide variety of dishes that can be enjoyed from morning till night – breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, pastries…and now a children’s menu too.

The premises were previously home to Benguela On Main, before chef Jean Delport headed off to the UK for a fabulous career opportunity. The restaurant remains in the Benguela Cove portfolio and one hot young chef has been replaced with another to create this rebranded offering which is attracting locals as well as from further afield.

New executive chef Sebastian Smith says: “I am proud to head up the Nom Nom team. There is so much on offer in the new space. The menu is designed to offer everything for anyone with a sweet tooth, a health kick, coffee craving or comfort food feeling. The classic Knickerbocker Glory is one dessert that must be tried – it has decadent toppings like fudge, fresh strawberries and chocolate.”

The menu is divided into categories to make it easy to find exactly what you’re in the mood for – Brunch, Nibbles, Bread, Light, Hungry and Sweets.

On the day I visited, I got to sample several items from different sections. These included the mushroom and parmesan stuffed arancini (crumbed and deep-fried risotto balls), and a corndog with spicy aioli…the sausage inside the crumbed casing was delicious and juicy. I also had one of Smith’s favourites: a waffle topped with pulled pork and bacon jam, topped with a perfect fried egg and the richness smoothed out with tart apple. A new Syrah Burger Waffle has recently been added to the menu.

To cut away from all the carb-heaviness, I also tried Smith’s take on the Caesar salad with white anchovies, quail egg and parmesan shavings, and for which the wedges of lettuce are applied quickly to the grill for a soft wilting and slightly charred effect.

I was too full for dessert (which didn’t stop me from slipping a buttery custard-filled pastry into my bag for later), but there are some very tempting choices on top of the extravagant Knickerbocker Glory which Smith mentions. Waffle Suzette, for example, is a new item, served with burnt orange and orange sorbet and is available in a gluten-free version as well.

Owner Penny Streeter OBE says: “Revamping Benguela on Main to Nom Nom has been a great experience for the team and myself. The aim of opening Nom Nom is to create a space that will be open from early until late for residents of Somerset West. We have free Wi-Fi for the people that want to get away from the desk and work in a different environment.”

In addition to wonderful hot and cold beverages from raw juices to decadent flavoured coffees, the wine bar serves the excellent Benguela Cove wines, and the variety of small plates and snacks make this perfect for after-work socialising and company meetings, especially in the upstairs lounge.

* Open Mondays to Saturdays, 10am until 8pm.

Nom Nom is on the corner of Main Road and Coronation Avenue.

For more information, call 021 851 6197; or visit

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By Bianca Coleman