CAFÉ BLOUBERG: Giving the most important meal of the day its due

CAFÉ BLOUBERG: Giving the most important meal of the day its due


Breakfast is the most wonderful meal, no matter when you eat it; you can break your fast at 9pm just as easily as 9am. Which is why it’s always great to find places that are civilised enough to serve it all day.

Café Blouberg – formerly Petit Fours and now rebranded – has been in its oceanfront location for nearly two decades. It is just across from the waves crashing on the rocks, and if you have a decent enough arm, you could probably throw the proverbial stone onto the beach. There are some outside tables for good-weather days, and a cosy interior bustling with daytime trade. The welcome is incredibly warm.

Dishes range from a variety of typical breakfast offerings through to brunch, salads and sandwiches. A liquor licence means you can have a glass (or bottle) of bubbly, but don’t overlook the massive milkshakes, or Freak Shakes as they call them. Flavours include Oreo Choc Crunch, Caramel Popcorn Explosion, Marshmallow Pink Candy Bomb and Peppermint Crisp Crumble. You can decide for yourself if these are drinks, desserts, or meals in themselves.

Along with eggs Benedict and Florentine, there are some more unusual options for your breakfast, such as The Blouberg (grilled polenta, poached egg, mushroom and thyme sauce, crispy bacon, oven roasted cherry tomatoes and toast) and The Kaapenaar (vetkoek, spiced beef mince, two eggs and cheddar cheese).

My friend Peter and I were clearly on the same wave length; we both fancied The Mexican – a flat tortilla served pizza-style topped with chilli con carne mince, cheese, guacamole, tomato salsa and cream cheese, and an egg cooked to order. Then he pointed out the chicken cheesecake under the brunch heading, and I graciously conceded.

“For me the point of eating out is trying something new on the menu that you can’t make at home or necessarily get somewhere else,” says Peter, although he admits he doesn’t like food that is too spicy. Even so, Mexican is his all-time favourite, and he says his “knees buckled with delight” when he tasted this dish.

“Best of all, it was not spicy at all, so I could safely leave the Rennies in my man bag. It’s going to be impossible for me to order anything else as a meal at Café Blouberg in the future,” he raves.

The intriguing chicken cheesecake is sort of like a rich creamy soufflé, packed with shredded roast chicken and served with a choice of fries, salad, or the “famous” broccoli salad, which is crunchy and saucy. Portions are most generous, and the menu left me wanting more on another visit, like The Turk (flat bread with spiced chicken breast, halloumi, tomato, rocket, pickled cucumber, guacamole and creamy garlic and onion dressing) or a burger with cheese, whisky and bacon marmalade, and crispy onion rings.

When something sweet is in order, Peter highly recommends the lemon meringue tart. He’s a local so Café Blouberg is in his ‘hood… “I’ve been known to drive there, risking speeding fines, just to get my greedy little paws (and taste buds) on a takeaway,” he confesses. “But be warned – best you call first, as I almost cried when I arrived recently and they were sold out. Yes, I’m not the only one who has discovered this delight. I’m only thankful that Café Blouberg closes at 5pm, otherwise I would probably have had to budget separately for their lemon meringue pie every month.”

Inspecting contents of the box, I liked that it was more lemon and less meringue, which is so often an off-putting factor for me, who doesn’t have a sweet tooth and can’t handle a slice that is three quarters meringue over a sliver of lemon. Peter sent me a photograph of the empty box later that afternoon. No caption was necessary.

* Although walk-ins are welcomed, booking is recommended by calling 021 554 4462. Café Blouberg is at 20 Stadler Road and is open daily from 8am to 5pm.

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By Bianca Coleman