Do yourself a favour and see Cinderella on Ice writes Rafiek Mammon

Do yourself a favour and see Cinderella on Ice writes Rafiek Mammon


Spoiler alert one: This is as entertaining as a trip to the theatre gets. And when I say entertaining I mean goose-pimple inducing as an adjectival phrase to precede the noun “entertainment”. I am talking aerial acts and near-gravity defying leaps, spins and lifts coming at you at such a furious rate that it had the opening night audience applauding every few minutes, if not seconds.

If you are looking for an excuse to take the “children” to something that (on the off chance) you might even enjoy, you won’t go wrong with ‘Cinderella On Ice’. Yes, it sounds all puerile and fatuous but once the curtain rises, the Imperial Stars live up to their name in every sense. They are indeed imperial, and they are definitely stars. A quick flick through the programme confirms – these are not two-bit chancers. While some might have been born with silver spoons in their mouths, these performers, I swear, must have been born on an ice rink, wearing figure skates! And they make it look so easy…and so alluring.

A good rule of thumb with shows like these is to watch the young audience members at interval and after the show: many of them twirling and spinning their way out of the theatre, as though they were in the show or were warming up for act two. That is how much these accomplished figure skaters (that boast many national titles) make you want to take up figure skating.

And yes, it is yet another interpretation of the Cinderella story – that we all love to hate or hate to love or simply love or purely hate…thing is, it could be any story. It is the showmanship, the ice spectacle that truly shines through and wins the hearts of men, women and children alike.

For two hours one is taken on a genuinely magical journey that will have you mesmerised from the first distinctive sound of skates on ice to the last spine-chilling one-handed lift.

Spoiler alert two: when you think it is over and you have seen it all, think again. The cast will woo you just a little more with a fast-paced encore sequence that warrants its thunderous standing ovation.

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Show: Cinderella On Ice

Cast: The Imperial Ice Stars

Venue: Artscape Opera House until January 28

Reviewer: Rafiek Mammon