Gifts Ideas for 2017

Gifts Ideas for 2017


It’s that time of the year again. The pressure is on to find that ideal Christmas gift for a loved one, be it your sister, a brother, friends…so many gifts for so many different personalities and tastes. The gift ideally has to be something that the recipient can use, or will use, rather than something that will just be put on the shelf, or sometimes even passed on. Your Christmas gift should show that you really care about the person. So, what is the perfect gift? Let’s touch on some of the classics with which can hardly ever go wrong.


This gift never gets outdated. With so many unique books available it is pretty easy to choose one according to the person’s tastes, interests and moods. Besides, it is still the best way to relax on the beach, or even while travelling.


These have become popular amongst women again this year. This summer the scents are floral, light and summery. Who does not enjoy the scents of a sophisticated, silky fragrance that is designed to reflect your summer energies?


This can start from a cashmere scarf or a pair of diamond earrings for the ladies. Kids these days really love a video game, or even an entry level camera. In this way they can be busy over the holidays and share their ideas and visions while having fun. Sunglasses, clothing and a stylish watch for the men can really add a touch of glamour to your gift giving and it is something that they would need over the holidays. Workout gear has also become as popular as a gift idea.

Remember to make the present an event with creative, colourful packaging. Bows, ribbons and string just make the unwrapping of gifts sheer fun. Personalised gift bags are also quite popular and it just adds that hint of uniqueness to the gift.

Although the pressure and stress of planning dinners with the family, buying the perfect gift and entertaining are associated with Christmas, we all need to find the time to truly enjoy the day. Remember it only comes once a year.

Happy Christmas to everyone and have a prosperous New Year.

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By RoxyK