The Jameson Cult Film Club wants to know, “Are you the one?”

The Jameson Cult Film Club wants to know, “Are you the one?”

Following the previous four installments of the highly acclaimed Jameson Cult Film Club, this year promises to push boundaries even further as The Matrix is brought back to life.

This is a film that is recognized as the most influential action movie of its generation that redefined its genre and created a whole new way of shooting action sequences. Jameson promises an event that mirrors the movie – where anything is possible and where you will constantly be questioning what is real and what is not.

The Jameson Cult Film Club celebrates cult film through creating deeply immersive and highly unique experiences. Only a select few will have the chance to experience JCFC’s version of The Matrix which takes place in Cape Town on Thursday, 16 November.

The question is, “Are you the one?”

If you are ready to live without fear, jump down the rabbit hole and discover the truth, then… LIKE our Facebook page  and post your best MATRIX pose on the wall. Then share the post. The one with the most likes wins this cool #capetownsummer experience.

Competition closes on Tuesday 14 November 2017.