Lentils and Lace – Choice of fabrics for Summer 2017

Lentils and Lace – Choice of fabrics for Summer 2017

The hot days are coming and it’s about time we thought about what to wear and the right fabrics to choose. With temperatures expected to soar during the warm moths, we will all want to be cool, comfortable and airy. Summer in Cape Town normally starts with a cool morning and gradually builds up to a hot, sticky day. These are my choices of fabrics for this summer season.


This is the most natural fabric that will help you stay breezy and chic this summer. Cotton On provides the perfect cotton couture that will help you look stylish, but also keep you cool.


This year linen has made its comeback. Loose-fitted trousers with elasticated waist or drawstring are the most comfortable to wear. Paired with a smart blouse for the evening or a casual t-shirt during the day, it is just perfect. Most clothing stores stock linen clothing, however the choice is yours on the quality you choose. Just be a little careful as this fabric does crease easily.


Cool and comfortable, this fabric makes beautiful tank tops, dresses and pants. Because the fabric is so light and soft, it drapes well and looks stylish too.


My all time favourite is back. Natural fibres are the coolest and the most elegant. Silk tops, pants and dresses are so easy to slip-on. It does not require much ironing and dries quickly. So if you are on holiday or in a hurry, this is the best way to go.


This is another airy material which is similar to chiffon, but also available in different textures. The choice is yours whether you would want to go with printed georgette, or just plain material. Clothing in georgette fabrics is easy to wear and make for a perfect night summer outing fabric. They also dry easily and need very little ironing.


I have noticed that this has also made a comeback this season. However, the fabrics are much thinner and cooler. Dresses are ideal as the fabric flows make you feel comfortable. If you are not used to wearing sleeveless dresses or blouses, then the sheer jersey cardigans are ideal to cover up your arms.


I must admit that I love this fabric. It is a type of imitation denim, but very light in terms of weight. I spotted a few stores that have these fabrics and the dresses are so versatile.

So, the next time you shop, consider these helpful tips: do not forget to read labels, as some materials are dyed and would need extra care when washing; when buying skirts, dresses, trousers or blouses, make sure that the fabric you choose is always cool, comfortable and versatile.

Have a great summer.

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