Get Your Body Ready For Summer

Get Your Body Ready For Summer


We all know that summer is a great time to soak up Vitamin D, but your skin can be affected by the changes in climate conditions and with hot, humid days around the corner, it is important to take extra care of your skin. This means a change in products that you have used in the cooler months. You should be a little flexible and change your skin routine depending on the demands. This either means that you would have to use a lighter lotion, or moisturiser during the day; and an intense treatment at night. The most important product is your skin defence cream, which must be used every day.

Dealing with high temperatures in summer means that you have to take extra precautions in avoiding loss of skin moisture. A simple skincare routine will help keep your skin fresh and dewy. Firstly, try exfoliating the skin – it helps to remove dead skin cells and improve blood circulation. This will allow your radiant, healthier summer skin to shine through. A good body wash with salicylic acid will help keep the skin clear from acne and prevent the formation of pimples. Deal with blemishes and dull skin by changing your thicker body creams to a lighter lotion that would be easily absorbed into the skin. Dry, sensitive skin needs extra treatment to stay hydrated, so try using a creamy body wash that would cleanse, but not dry out the skin. Get into a habit of patting dry the skin rather than rubbing, as this could cause irritation such as abrasions and redness. A creamy, soft lotion is best used on warm skin as it is easily absorbed – such as Nivea oil in lotion, which will keep the body moisturized throughout the day.

We often forget the most important treatment for the skin, and that is sunscreen. The worst skin irritation is sun burn. Choose a SPF30 or SPF40 if you are at the beach, or thinking of being outdoors. You should ideally reapply sunscreen every 90 minutes for maximum protection. Double check the perfumes that you use too; avoid methylparaben and synthetic scents. These merely stick to your sunscreen, causing the skin to burn. Easy to use Nivea roll-on sun protection has a SPF50 and is perfect for kids to apply to themselves. The unscented Nivea sun lotions have an extra water resistant component, will not stain clothing and reduce the risk of sun-induced allergies.

Lastly, stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. This will flush out toxins and keep the skin clear and hydrated. Simple body care changes could help your skin stay fresh and make you look and most importantly, feel better.

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