Caring is Sharing with the Executive Chef of Karibu South African Restaurant

Caring is Sharing with the Executive Chef of Karibu South African Restaurant

Jamie Rowntree, the Executive Chef of Karibu South African Restaurant at the V&A Waterfront is a fabulous chef that is passionate about his food , staff and is really proudly South African. Jamie always appears calm and in control even when the restaurant is pumping and overflowing with smiling guests who you can see are having a delicious time,  most chefs would  make an excuse and escape back  to  their the kitchen when being asked what goes into the dishes they cook, but he stays and patiently explains what goes into the dish you are enjoying and even offers a printed copy of the recipe.

Karibu – which means “Welcome” in Swahili and the staff really do make you feel welcome is in it 10th year now and I can see why it has been so successful, the food is honest and abundant and unpretentious, be it a generous slab of Bobotie or plateful of waterblommetjie bredie, a platter full of Braaied meats creamy sauced mussels and freshly baked rooster koek, the food tastes as if it is being cooked in a home kitchen with a sweet little granny stirring the pots in the kitchen, it good, tasty and wholesome, I still dream about the delicious tend samp and beans. One of the people in my party asked him if he would be kind enough to share he recipe for his Venison Skewer, within minutes he return with the recipe in hand. So as one does it got passed down and now im sharing it with you. Karibu  is owned by the Olivier family.

Let’s Cook!

Venison Skewer



400g x Venison fillet ( Kudu, Impala and Springbok cut into 8 equal pieces.)

3 x Slices red pepper.

3 x slices yellow pepper.

3 x stewed peach halves, ( stewed in apple juice.)

Salt and Pepper


100ml olive oil.

20ml White vinegar

10g castor sugar.

Salt and Pepper.

Amarula and Ginger sauce.

50ml Amarula cream liquor.

5g Fresh Ginger Chopped.

100ml Fresh Cream.

Salt and Pepper.


Place all the skewer ingredients on an extra-large steel skewer, start off with a pepper slice and alternate with the venison, peaches and peppers ending with a pepper.

With the marinade place all the ingredients into a mixing bowl except the olive oil, mix and while you are mixing slowly add the oil, this will emulsify the two liquids and you will have a marinade that doesn’t split.

Add all the ingredients for the Amarula sauce in a sauce pan and slowly simmer until the cream has slightly reduced and thickened, do not overcook as the sauce will split.

Place the skewer in a tray and pour over the marinade and let stand for about half an hour, the marinade will help break the wild flavor of the game. ( do not keep it in the marinade for too long as it will start to pickle the meat)

Grill the skewer on an open fire or a gas grill until you have reached your desired temperature, Venison is best served medium rare and I would not recommend it be well done as this will dry out the meat and become tough.

Salt and pepper the skewer then pour the Amarula sauce over the skewer and serve immediately.

This can be served with Putu and Chakalaka, Marog or Kaapse Broodjie

Jamie Rowntree

Exec Chef

Karibu Restaurant