A great, relaxing retreat at Tranquila Spa

A great, relaxing retreat at Tranquila Spa


Nestled in the centre of the famous Aquila Game Reserve is a mecca of relaxation and comfort called the Tranquila spa. This is a new addition to the game reserve. It features two large heated indoor pools, a steam room, sauna, nail bar, 10 treatment rooms, a couples or group treatment option and an outdoor pool. Access to the Tranquila spa is free to the guests booked into the premier cottages and guests that have stays longer than two nights. The treatments range from skincare to body massages. The team of therapists are well trained to make sure that any treatment is handled in a professional manner.

Tranquila Spa offers a very relaxed feel and anyone is more than welcome to wind down at the sauna or steam rooms before your booked treatment. From the moment the therapist starts the massage, you are instantly transported into another world: a place of total relaxation, inner peace, calmness and tranquility. Treatment massages target the relief of daily stress and strain. It also helps to prevent blockages by toxins and prepares the body for complete repair. Your therapist can focus on easing inflammation, improving blood flow and reducing muscle stiffness. Make note of always informing your therapist of the intensity of the massage to avoid being hurt or bruised if you have sensitive skin.

The treatments are always ended off with a passive stretch of the legs and arms which helps loosen tight muscles. Choose a spa treatment on your next visit and feel rejuvenated.

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