Muizenberg Jazz Festival 2017

Muizenberg Jazz Festival 2017

The first ever Muizenberg Jazz Festival is taking place on the 13th and 14th October 2017 at the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg, Cape Town. Tucked in between iconic Surfers Corner and Muizenberg mountain peak, the Masque Theatre’s proximity to main roads, highways, and public transport makes world-class entertainment easily accessible to all people coming from anywhere and by any means.

The lineup this year will feature 10 Jazz acts each performing an hour long set over the course of the two evenings, as well as a photographic exhibition in the theater.

The festival offers diverse Jazz genres such as Classic Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Afro Jazz, Cape Jazz and World Jazz as well as a Big Band performance.

The incredible lineup includes performances by award winner Bokani Dyer and McCoy Mrubata as well as the Ella Fitgerald Tribute Show A’ LA ELLA! headed by US Singer Yvette Norwood-Tiger.

The Masque Theater comfortably seats an audience of 165 and is built and equipped to provide a high-fidelity, uninterrupted listening and viewing experience, making Muizenberg Jazz Festival a delightful festival for listeners, musicians and spectators alike.

The Festival vision lies in three main criteria: to provide a place for the artist and art form to thrive, to thoroughly entertain our audience, and to leave the surrounding community and audience enlightened, engaged and enriched.

Workshops organized by SAJE (South African Association for Jazz Education)

will take place on Saturday 14th October in the morning at the Masque Theatre.

Muizenberg Jazz Festival 2017 programme – Friday 13 October

16h30 Opening of Gregory Franz Photography Exhibition

17h00 Jazz Yard Academy – Contemporary Jazz

18h30 Muriel Marco – ND Project – World Jazz

20h00 Bokani Dyer Solo Piano – Contemporary Jazz

21h30 Hanepoot Big Band – Big Band / indigenous compositions

23h00 Bongani Sotshononda and the United Nations of Africa – Afro Jazz

Muizenberg Jazz Festival 2017 programme – Friday 13 October

17h00 MSMF – Contemporary Jazz
18h30 McCoy Mrubata Band – Afro Jazz
20h00 Yvette Norwood-Tiger A’ LA ELLA! – Ella Fitzgerald 100 Years Tribute show
21h30 Buddy Wells Quartet – Contemporary Jazz
23h00 Ramon Alexander Band – Cape Jazz / Contemporary Jazz

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