Butlers Backstage…  What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Butlers Backstage…  What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

“BUTLERS AND BLOOPERS” is the 10th installment of the now-famous murder-mystery series and the Butlers team is thrilled to once again entertain patrons with a brand new production where the audience’s participation has an impact on the outcome of the story.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to steer a show in a particular direction and even kill off one of two characters… now’s your chance!

Anyone who has seen a “Butlers” production will tell you what a unique experience it is, as the AUDIENCE decides, throughout the performance, what happens next! It’s the show where the plot can change at any moment, depending on the choices made by the audience vote.

Voting takes place by way of a narrator giving choices to the viewer and, once a decision is made, the story heads in a particular direction. In essence, anything can happen!

This year, 2017, is very special one as it marks the 10 Year Anniversary of this popular series. To add to the celebration, the creator of the series, Justin Wilkinson, invites audiences to catch a glimpse of the ‘backstage blunders’ that go into a Butlers show!

What REALLY goes on behind the scenes in a play where the audience decides in which direction the plot should go? It’s madcap mayhem as a group of actors… playing other actors… try frantically to put on a murder-mystery production, with fate throwing them as many curve balls as she can!

With time against them and one of their key cast members pulling out at the last minute, the group tries to keep things in the show on track, but find that everything that can go wrong seems to go wrong… with hysterical consequences!

This hilarious comedy is an exhilarating ride with the crazy antics happening right up until the final scene. Murder-mystery theatre has never been this exciting! And with multiple endings, who knows what’s going to happen?

The Butlers shows have enjoyed tremendous success over the past decade with many well-known stage and screen personalities having been part of the franchise. The shows have also been regularly listed within the Top 30 Fringe productions at the well-known National Arts Festival.

VENUE:         P4 STUDIO: HIDDINGH (Orange Street, Gardens)

DATES:          27th, 28th, 30th  SEP; 1st OCT

PRICES:        R68 to R80  (incl. discounts for students, pensioners, block bookings)