A translator like no other

A translator like no other

Imagine a world without any language barriers; where you could communicate with anyone around the globe like you were a native speaker…It sounds like an idea out of science fiction; something you might expect to see in a ‘Star Trek’ episode, or in a comic book. This week’s gadget is one that fulfils all those ideas and the best part of it all I that it is available right now.

Waverly Labs have developed the world’s first smart earpiece language translator. The device, known as the ‘Pilot’, uses the latest technologies in speech recognition, app development and wearable technology to cross language barriers. We have all been in a situation sometime or another where being lost in translation is a real issue, whether you just wanted to order a meal or get directions.

The device is the size of an ear phone which fits snuggly into one of your ears, similar to how any other earphone would. Inside the device is specially designed noise cancelling microphones that filter out ambient noises. The Pilot connects to the translating app on your Smartphone and just like that you are ready to go. In conversation, the ear piece will pick up layers of speech which it will send to your Smartphone. It is then up to the magic of the Waverly Labs translation engine to break up the speech and convert the spoken language in to the pre-selected second language.

The translation process is close to being seamless for the first release, with almost simultaneous translation. We did find that you have to talk at a reasonable pace and produce words more clearly while using the device.

This humble device started its life on a crowd funding website called Indiegogo and raised more than US$4 million in funds to develop the technology. While the first batch has already been delivered to backers by May 2017, Waverly labs are currently taking orders for the next batch, which promises to be even more advanced and in a wider range of colours.

Pilot will be able to translate between English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish out of the box, but more languages will join this list soon. Pre order your pair of the Pilot Transalting earpiece now at www.waverlylabs.com for $249 and it will ship to South Africa during the second half of 2017.