Healing Power of Rooibos Teas

Healing Power of Rooibos Teas

We have all faced challenges with health and skincare some time or the other.  The aim to find that one product that will help eliminate some of these symptoms can really be daunting.  With the way skincare and healthcare formulas are changing, it seems that most of us are resorting to natural products.  Using products made from natural ingredients limits the risk of allergies and break-outs.

From the time a child is born, the skin goes through different stages of growing and with that comes certain types of inflammation, acne, oily and dry skins.  Rooibos has been well known for its anti-allergic properties which aids in repairing and soothing the skin.  Herbal teas work from the inside to offer the best relief in addressing various ailments like stress, insomnia and water retention.   We tried a few of the rooibos herbal teas and this is what we found.

Rooibos Tea

This tea has a smooth taste and had soothing and calming properties.  It is also known to prevent heart disease and cancer.

Green rooibos tea

One of my favourite teas that helps to provide higher levels of antioxidants to promote general health.

Bladder and Kidney Tea

Rooibos together with buchu aid in relieving water retention, hayfever, kidney ailments, sinus and nasal congestion.

Stomach Tea

This is infused with mint to help relieve stomach ailments, cramps, indigestion and even headaches.

Metabolism Tea

Combined with fennel, this unique flavourful tea helps to stimulate the metabolism and may help to suppress appetite and the desire for sweet foods.

Balance Tea

A delicious combination of rooibos and cinnamon which helps to assist in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Detox Tea

Ginger is the main ingredient in this tea and it is a refreshing drink which helps detox and cleanse the body resulting in a clearer, problem-free skin.

Night tea and relax tea are best to help the body relax after a stressful day and it also promotes a restful sleep.  Rooibos teas are organically produced.  They are not exposed to pesticides or artificial fertilizers.  The tastes of these teas are smooth and pure and with the added addition of buchu, senna, mint, fennel, cinnamon, ginger, Melissa and wild jasmine just makes them powerful from a health perspective.

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