Busy month for art lovers at 99 Loop Gallery

Busy month for art lovers at 99 Loop Gallery

On this month at the gallery on 99 Loop St, Cape Town:

‘we came at a time’ by Katrine Claassens

August 03 to 19

This collection of sketches and paintings is inspired by Claassens’s recent trip to Antarctica as the official artist accompanying the latest SA Agulhas II scientific research venture. On Saturday, August 5, from 10.30am, 99 Loop is hosting a lecture and discussion on climate change, art and our effects on the furthest reaches of nature with the artist and Associate Prof. Marcello Vichi, director of the Marine Research Institute at the University of Cape Town.

With Antarctica birthing one of the largest icebergs ever recorded between July 10 and 12, and the severe drought in Western Cape, climate change has been nipping at the corners of our minds.

Using melted Antarctic sea-ice, water-colour and oil, Claassens’s paintings create space to remember, to mourn, and most importantly to emphasise our melting world. Drawing on her work, research and experiences both in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, the works touch upon humanity’s fingerprints at furthest, wildest reaches of the earth.

‘ShadowLands’ by Chris Valentine

August 3 to September 2

‘ShadowLands’ is a new collection of work by talented emerging artist Chris Valentine, exploring the darker aspects of urban landscapes in his native Gauteng, as well as of identity formation.

Sideways by Clare Menck

August 3 to September 2

This brand new series by well-regarded painter Clare Menck takes a sideways glance at the past through examining vintage imagery and childhood memories.

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