Soup for the Soul – Jenny Morris

Soup for the Soul – Jenny Morris

How does one say thank you to the generous sponsors and wonderful volunteers who came to the fore when help was needed? Without your helping hands we would not have been able to achieve the amazing success we had on Mandela Day.

Thank you to our sponsors Checkers, First National Bank (FNB), Banks Kitchen Shop, Heart1049 FM, Mambo’s Plastics, Sasko, my wonderful friend and Editor of the Next 48hOURS Naushad Kahn, Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages, Pink Lady Apples and Unilever. Thank you for the music and the vibe Bev Scott-Brown, Dr Darren Green, Andrew Ford, China, Wesley and Robin Pieters. Thank you to the special people with big hearts like Jeremy Mansfield, Linsey Alan, Ryan Morris, Jacques Weber, my staff at The CooksPlayground and Yumious Cafe, and most of all the management and tenants of The Cape Quarter Square, for letting me run my Soul Food Soup Kitchen on the Square.

Thank you for the fabulous support from the Corporates who ordered large volumes of muffins for their staff, which resulted in over R11000 being raised just from muffins. Next year I want to double it!

My heart swelled when I watched volunteers, young and old, arriving from all walks of life, faiths and backgrounds. They came armed with potato peelers and knives – some not so sharp – bags filled with carrots, potatoes, butternut, turnips, celery, stock cubes, soup mix, lentils, onions and leeks, mushrooms and peppers…if it was a vegetable or herb it found its way into our pots. We even had the chefs from the Navy chopping vegetables and kneading dough to make bread.

We sold enough muffins on the day to give over one thousand homeless, cold and hungry people, a warm, safe bed for the night at one of the 15 Haven Shelters; we made hundreds of litres of soup and prepared enough vegetables to make hundreds and hundreds of litres more. My heart is full of love for all of you that made this day possible.

After all that peeling and chopping, you would think that I wouldn’t want to see another bowl of soup. Not so darlings – let’s make soup. It’s cold outside and nothing warms the heart more than a steaming, heart-warming bowl of homemade soup.

Oh, by the way; we only had three little cut fingers – not bad considering the hundreds of chopping hands we had out there.

Let’s cook!

Soul Food Soup made with love and compassion

Start your pot with lots of ready good chicken or vegetable stock.

Now add the following to the pot:

Chopped leeks

Chopped onions

Chopped tomatoes

Chopped peppers

Chopped butternut

Chopped carrots

Chopped potatoes

Chopped celery

Chopped turnips

Beans, lentils, chickpeas and lots of love


Give it all a stir often and watch that the soup doesn’t catch.

Serve it with fresh bread to those that need it.

Thank you all again.