Artscape Women Humanity Arts Festival

Artscape Women Humanity Arts Festival

This year’s Artscape Women Humanity Arts Festival will strive to bring people of all walks of life together from Wednesday to Saturday, August 2 to 12. Now in its 11th year, the festival focuses on humanity, women and disability by not only celebrating the bravest souls of our society, but also addressing the challenges they face.

The launch in Artscape’s marble foyer will coincide with the opening of a new exhibition by sculptor Evette Weyers; before the opening performance of the Indoni Dance, Arts and Leadership Academy’s stage production: ‘iKhaya’.

From Wednesday to Saturday, August 2 to 5, ‘iKhaya’, which means home, will explore the roles of women at home and in the world, through dance. The production will be presented in association with Artscape.

“Home” for award winning choreographer Sbonakaliso Ndaba was a place where you were born; a place of safety where you embraced who you were and a place surrounded by a sense of love.

When her mother died she was shocked into realizing her home had lost its heart. This beautiful, affectionate family fell apart. Her father, a man whose mere existence created waves of movement around him, lost his sense of purpose. Handshakes replaced hugs at greeting.

“iKhaya” showcases how this sense of emptiness, this lack of belonging and unconditional love; this void from the death of a mother has been replaced in the world by a business – a “wishy washy” going with the flow. Relationships are arbitrary and short lived. Constantly changing. Directionless.

The dancers of Indoni Dance Arts & Leadership Academy are embracing this theme with a “sense of relentless drive and energy” in the build-up to the performances. Ndaba, the Artistic Director of the Academy, is recognized as one of the leading contemporary African choreographers. She was the winner of the Western Cape Cultural Affairs Award in 2016 for ‘Best Contribution to Performing Arts: Dance’ and in 2017 for ‘Outstanding Achievement of Youth in Arts and Culture’.

The programme at the Woman’s Festival will include ‘Drumming is Global’, a work challenging the incredible focus and intense discipline brought to the training of these young dancers.

The vision of the Indoni Dance, Arts & Leadership Academy is to provide a space of “excellence in dance and integrated arts”, based primarily in the culturally rich townships of South Africa.

With the mission statement of “Investing in our Youth”, this three year post-school professional training programme for dance and integrated arts, including music, drama, and visual arts aims to liberate the talent and creativity of our youth.

The Academy seeks to promote the arts as a channel for economic, personal and professional development, “rekindling hope, and providing dignity and life skills to young people”. Each student is empowered to become a creative collaborator in their own productive future.

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