Celebrate the rich food legacy of District Six

Celebrate the rich food legacy of District Six

As we commemorated the 50th year since the declaration of District Six as a White Group Area in 1966 last year, we also celebrated the launch of the District Six Museum’s ‘Huis Kombuis – Food and Memory Cookbook’, a fitting tribute to the rich legacy of District Six. The launch marks an important moment for the Museum and those District Sixers who have contributed to the making of this recipe book over 10 years. Replete with storytelling, craft and recipes, the book places a spotlight on the stories of women from the District and how food was often the connecting element between families and communities forcibly removed from District Six. “The title, Huis Kombuis (directly translated from Afrikaans, means ‘home kitchen’), was inspired by descriptions of kitchens in participants’ homes as being the heart of the home, its central social space. Here traditional recipes were brought to life in the rituals of cooking, eating and the sensory exchange at the kitchen table. Culinary rituals and home craft practices maintained and reinforced deep significances and connections with District Six as a place of home, family and community,” says Tina Smith, Curator from the District Six Museum.

There are wonderful simple recipes like jelly and custard, tripe and trotters, tomato bredie, sago pudding and lots more. I loved the stories Stretching the pot, Friday the Pans were creaming, Nothing went wasted, Niks het geflop nie – this book is full of such wonderful stories and old photographs. Every book shelf should have one.

Let’s cook!

Tripe and Trotters

This recipe by Patience Watlington’s mom is delicious and brings back memories of my childhood. This is a dish her mom made on Sundays and it was a very special dish in her home. Patience says she remembers the feeling of sticky lips and fingertips after this meal.


1kg tripe, cleaned

1 ox trotter, cleaned

Salt and pepper

5 bay leaves

2.5ml cooking oil

1 large onion

Curry and borrie powder

500g beans of your choice, cooked.


Rinse the tripe and trotter well.

Cook with salt and add bay leaves until soft.

Cut tripe into bite sized pieces and set aside.

Heat oil in a pot and sauté onions.

Add curry and borrie.

Add tripe and trotters, simmer through for approximately 15 minutes.

Add cooked beans and some of stock cooked tripe and trotter.

Serve with rice.