Mimi Jardim is the Mama

Mimi Jardim is the Mama

Mimi Jardim is one of my favourite lady cooks, I love her food and I love her passion for food and her family, this is a very beautiful book and I think that everyone should have one.

Her Latest book My Portuguese Feast  just feels like Mimi, it includes a section of recipes inspired by Mimi’s travels around the world,

which provides a wide variety of culinary thrills. These dishes include a very special Argentinian

steak, a moreish Mozambican chicken curry and – in true Mimi style – several decadent desserts.

Mimi has developed recipes for iconic South African fast-food restaurant Nando’s since 1992 and

the brand’s co-founder, Robbie Brozin, says in his foreword to My Portuguese Feast: ‘This book is

a tribute to Mimi’s 50 years of cooking, teaching, loving, exploring and sharing. It highlights the

flavours and tastes of Portuguese food and showcases the way the Portuguese cook – with their

hearts and their souls.’

With over 80 recipes, and photographed and designed in Quivertree’s usual beautiful and

inimitable style, My Portuguese Feast is available now at good bookstores or via www.quivertree.

com at a recommended retail price of R385.

Author, TV personality and home-cookery expert Mimi Jardim was born in Portugal and moved

to South Africa when she was a child. Well-known in cookery circles and vastly experienced,

Mimi has taught home economics at colleges and schools, run her own school of cookery and

published four cookbooks, including the highly successful Cooking the Portuguese Way in South

Africa. Mimi started developing recipes for iconic South African fast-food restaurant Nando’s

in 1992, and holds the secret to many of their delicious marinades and sauces. She still consults

for the brand today and has travelled the world promoting its peri-peri flavours. Mimi lives in

Johannesburg with her husband, Augusto, and has four children and one grandchild.


Let’s Cook!

Quince Cheese


Makes 4 x 250 ml bowls

1 kg quinces

1 kg sugar

1 stick cinnamon

Peel, wash and remove the peels from the quinces. Place the pips in a muslin bag to add to the cooking water.

Cut the peeled quinces into pieces and place in a large saucepan.

Cover the fruit with water and boil till soft, about 15 to 20 minutes.

Drain removing the pips, and mash the quinces until they are smooth.

Weigh the pulp, place it in a saucepan and add one kilo of sugar for each kilogram of fruit pulp.

Add the cinnamon stick and bring it to the boil, stirring all the time.

Be very careful when it starts to boil as the mixture tends to splash and give you a nasty burn.

Spoon the boiled mixture into heat-proof bowls or trays, cover with tea towels and dry in the sun for 7-8 days, or until a crust has formed on top. (because we have rain here in summer in Johannesburg and I don’t like taking chances, rather than take the jam outside I look for a sunny spot in the dining room or lounge  and leave it there.) to store, cover the quince cheese with greaseproof paper that has been cut to the shape of the container and dipped in Portuguese brandy.(aguardente)

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