Good Food and Wine Show highlights Food Waste

Good Food and Wine Show highlights Food Waste

The theme for this year’s Good Food and Wine Show is Food Waste. Find out how the event’s organisers, and certain well-known cooking personalities, are helping to raise awareness around this global issue.

All food left over after the Good Food and Wine Show will be given to FoodForward SA, an organisation that gathers edible surplus food from manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, and redistributes it amongst various non-profit organisations, who in turn feed it to the hungry on a daily basis. You can get involved with this initiative by donating your leftover dry goods to FoodForward SA as well. (Visit for more information.)

Information and statistics like those mentioned above will be on display as part of a special Food Waste installation that forms the entrance feature of the show. Food Waste is the underlying theme of this year’s show. The organisers chose this theme because as operators in the food industry, they felt compelled “to do our bit” to raise awareness about this pressing issue.

So, if you are attending the show, you will first be met with some motivation to join in battling food waste. “If we stopped wasting so much food, we’d be able to feed the entire world’s population with ease,” continue the organisers.

One of the chief motivators is Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen, South Africa’s first Michelin Star chef, who gives some valuable advice of his own on how to reduce household food waste. If you are impatient to get started and don’t want to wait for the show itself, then you can read up on Jan Hendrik’s savvy saving methods via his blog:

Whether you’d like to learn more about cooking with leftover food or preserving surplus food, this year’s informative entrance installation promises to be a “waste” of time.