Grape Juice with a difference

Grape Juice with a difference

Not so long ago I did a 10th birthday party for a young girl at my cooking school, the CooksPlayground in the Cape Quarter. Since my boys are fully grown and have left the nest and own homes of their own, I have found that entertaining 10 year olds now versus then are two totally different things. The mom of the birthday girl briefed me about her little one and her friends and said that they were all 10 going on 20, so this was not going to be your traditional cup cake and ice-cream kind of party.

So I put on my thinking cap and put together a romantic feast for the girls to prepare for themselves. Yes, that’s what we do at the CooksPlayground  – we make people cook their own food.

They made sushi and got really involved in that. They loved learning to make it and the look on their faces when they stepped back and cast their eyes over their work gave me so much pleasure; it really got my heart smiling.

Then they built a beautiful rose scented meringue tower, which they filled with lashings of whipped cream and fresh berries and finished off with sugar coated rose petals and a shower of icing sugar. It was absolutely beautiful.

They made little canapé’s and set fresh raspberries in Zari sparkling grape juice. These young ladies were on a roll and having the time of their lives. Once all the food was ready, they set up their party table with plump grapes, flowers and little dishes of Turkish delight and chocolates then reapplied their lipstick and proceeded to pop the corks on their bottles of bubbly, sang a fabulous version of happy birthday to the birthday girl, drank to her health and got stuck into the birthday feast.

Oh by the way, if you think the bubbly was of the alcoholic type, think again. “10 going on 20” still means you’re only 10, even in this day and age. These young ladies were popping the corks of Zari sparkling grape juice. It looks like the big people stuff, pops like it but doesn’t have the big people stuff in it. Zari sparkling grape juice is full all ages, all people and any occasion or celebration. Iit’s just like the real thing without the headache.


Let’s cook!

Raspberries suspended in a Zari grape juice Jelly

Makes 10


1 tbls powdered gelatine

2 cups Zari sparkling grape juice

Extra half a cup Zari sparkling grape juice, heated

40 fresh raspberries

10 champagne flutes


Stir the gelatine into the heated grape juice and stir until it has dissolved.

Stir the gelatine mixture into the grape juice.

Place 4 raspberries into each champagne flute, cover with the grape juice mixture and chill until set.

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