Winter Fashion can still be stylish and fun

Winter Fashion can still be stylish and fun

Winter is slowly approaching and colder days are on their way, BUT your winter fashion styles and choices can still be fun and fresh. So, stand out by staying abreast of the trends and ease yourself into winter with these latest designs writes Roxyk.

Of all the jackets and coats available, the trench coat is back this season. It has become quite popular this time round. To achieve a classic look, pair the coat with a soft mohair jersey and jeans; or a collared shirt if you are working. The belt can be worn in the more conventional way, tied around the waist in a knot or tied at the back to give you a more silhouetted figure. For a much more feminine look, opt for coats that are double-breasted and with pleats at the back. It creates an instant hourglass figure when worn.

The perfect puffer jacket is making its mark again this season. From sleek padded ones to satin and fur trimmed, the puffer jacket is trending this season – available in short styles for a casual look and extra length for a more sophisticated look. A classic knit and leather-look trouser is all you need to update this look.

The crazy bomber jacket is the ultimate casual cum stylish jacket this season. They are great to layer up and keep you warm while looking chic. They are super cool and available in an array of colours and cuts. Pair your bomber jacket with jeggings, a polo-neck jersey and boots and you are good to go. They can also be dressed up with a shirt, tie and jumper underneath. There is also nothing wrong with being a bit creative and sewing quirky motives on your bomber jacket for a more street-style look. Embellished bomber jackets are real eye-catchers for the style-conscious and are on-trend. Guys like Kanye West and Zayn Malik have even worn bomber jackets on the red carpet.

The advantage of wearing a jacket is that you can layer with sweater, jerseys or fleece vests to keep you warm. Jackets are also available in a light-weight synthetic material to keep the body insulated and are water-resistant too – the variety and choices are endless. The most important features when buying a jacket is to look at the cuffs, zippers, pockets, hoodies and fit. Whatever jacket you choose, make sure they are comfortable, and made from good quality fabric and winter-friendly. Make sure that you also follow the care instructions inside the jacket so that your purchase will carry you throughout the winter.