Skin care this winter with RoxyK

Skin care this winter with RoxyK

With winter just around the corner it is essential that we start  our skin care preparations for the cold wintery days. The best way to start is by finding solutions that deep clean our skins to leave it feeling moisturized and hydrated. These are some of the products I love.

Cettua charcoal nose strips

These strips are simply amazing as it lifts and removes blackheads. It also helps to refine and clean the skin’s pores while removing dirt and oil. The strip is shaped perfectly to fit the nose area and active ingredient “charcoal” is excellent in its absorption of impurities; the peppermint oil and witch hazel extract helps to cool and refresh the skin. The results are a much more clear skin and tighter pores.

Demelan Cream

Recommended by dermatologists, demelan cream is an effective pigment-reducing treatment that clears marks and blemishes. Active ingredients such as alpha-arbutin are a naturally derived ingredient known for its ability to reduce dark marks. Kojic acid has anti-inflammatory properties and glycolic acid is a peeling agent derived from cane sugar and helps quicken the healing process. Visible results can be seen in just four weeks.


Theravine Ultravine RCS Cream

A velvety textured cream that contains actives which helps to protect and minimise fine lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This powerful cream contains tetrapeptide, which prevents the damage caused by direct UV radiation, thus minimizing photo-aging and promotes the skin’s DNA repair system. All ingredients are plant-based and leave the skin soft and smooth.

Dermalogica Phyto replenish oil

This face oil has the perfect balance to strengthen and restore the skin’s natural barrier. A blend of orchid flower and chia seed oils smoothes visible dehydration lines and locks in moisture. Sunflower, rice bran and rosemary extracts create a luminous antioxidant shield against free radical damage. Skin is left hydrated and moisturized without any greasiness.

Remember that keeping your skin moisturized during the winter is just a part of a beauty regimen and using the correct products will help build a stronger barrier to resist the damage caused by the elements.

Serums and oils are all intense skin feeders that work deep down to strengthen the skin and moisturizers add hydration for a smoother, radiant looking skin.

By RoxyK