Cape Town Art Guide -21Apr

Bend to Her Will by Sanell Agenbach

Sanell Aggenbach practices a kind of feminist mycology. She excavates dark things in dark places, submits them to study, turns them inside out and pulls them apart. In service of this project the artist deploys a wide range of intimate and elusive imagery: drifting spores, the specialised cells of the central nervous system or the petals of a flower.

16 March to 23 April 9:30AM to 5PM

What if the World, 1 Argyle Street, Woodstock

021 4472376

What Art Is FOR Exhibition

Are you intrigued to delve into the question: What is art’s purpose? Entice your mind with engaging, thought-provoking works of art at the What Art Is FOR exhibition.

24 March to 24 April 5PM to 8PM

Victoria Wellness Centre and Gallery, Woodstock.

083 269 9128

Rust en Vrede gallery

There are three exhibition spaces at the well-established Rust en Vrede Art Gallery which showcases works of art by established and emerging artists.

28 March to 3 May

10 Wellington Road, Durbanville

021 976 4691

Stevenson Exhibition: A Painting Today

A Painting Today proposes an encounter with painting, the most traditional of media, filtered through the contemporary logic of Instagram. Because of social media, the most common way to view pictures today is sequentially.

6 March to 22 April

Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM, Saturday 10AM to 1PM

021 462 1500

Powerpuff Girls Art Factory Exhibition

In the very special exhibition, and with permission of Cartoon Network of course, ten local artists were given the Powerpuff Girls as a brief and told to reinvent them in an alternative context. This doesn’t just mean a different town, it means a full overhaul of their image.

6 April to 2 May, 8AM to 5PM

91 Loop Street, Cape Town

021 422 3766