Clue Room mystery escape game has Tyger Valley buzzing

Clue Room mystery escape game has Tyger Valley buzzing

Can you solve the mystery and escape the Clue Room in time? The only way to find out is to knock on one of Clue Rooms’ doors until June 25 and experience 60 minutes of exhilaration and mystery at Tyger Valley Shopping Centre. Based on a very popular phenomenon, Clue Room is a fun mystery escape game, designed for groups between four to six people.

Choose between entering the hospital or living room to discover the secrets that lie behind the scenes presented before you.

Hear the door shut, the key turning, your heart rate increasing…you’re locked in and need to find the clues to get out in time.

Can you beat the Fisher Clan who have managed to escape the Clue Room in a record time of 39m57s

The Fisher Clan has registered the fastest time to date - 39m57s to get out of the Clue Room.

Clue Room is something new and exciting. Be the first to host a birthday in one of these extreme scenarios.


Tuesday to Friday: 2pm; 4pm; 6pm and 8pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10am; 12pm; 2pm and 4pm

Price: R80 per person

Amount of players: 4 min to 6 max

Game Duration: 1 hour

Find the clues – escape in time!

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