Easter Egg Display a spectacle at The Table Bay Hotel

Easter Egg Display a spectacle at The Table Bay Hotel

Pastry Chef, Bobby Kumar has truly outdone himself with his spectacular Easter Egg display at The Table Bay Hotel this year. It’s the fifth year that he has created these amazing displays and this year is yet another spectacular showcase of skillfully creating 25 elaborate masterpieces. Each egg is individual in design, stands about 40 to 50 centimetres high, and is completely edible.

Chef Kumar considers the annual Easter egg display, inspired by the custom of India’s most prestigious hotels, as an opportunity to express himself through his work. This passion and undeniable creativity is evident in the display which is a visual and inspiring feast for the eyes.

Expect a collection of masterpieces at the Easter Egg Display at The Table Bay Hotel

This year’s “egg-quisite” Easter Egg display has a definite South African feel; inspired by the country’s beautiful landscapes and oceans, diverse cultures, architecture and enigmatic people. One of his favourite designs this year is his South African drum.

“It was very challenging making it. I had to cut the chocolate egg from the middle, very carefully. The great thing about this drum is that you can play it and when you’re done, you can eat it,” he laughs.

Another highlight of the display is the design inspired by Nelson Mandela’s famous long walk to freedom pose, complete with the late former president’s beautiful life lesson messages.

Edible works of art, the eggs will decorate the lobby of the hotel from the 14th to the 17th of April 2017, adding to the inimitable charm of The Table Bay and infectious cheer that comes with visiting the hotel during the holidays. True to tradition, Easter eggs will be donated to local charities after the long weekend.