Smartphone Gadgets put power in your pocket

Smartphone Gadgets put power in your pocket

A smartphone cinema in a bag

There has been so many cool developments with the smartphone device that we could not resist answering this question posed by one of our readers: “Is there a mobile cinema system available?” So we went in search of the ultimate kit that could make you the king of the weekend camping trip, or the cool kid during those long waiting times at outdoor concerts. Imagine having the freedom of watching and sharing content anywhere via your Smartphone. We gathered the pieces and tested them too.

Video: HD Pico Projector

Projectors are available these days in various guises, from the high end 3D units to fancy cardboard units that project your smart phone screen. All have their purpose, but not the one we are looking for. We wanted high definition visuals with clarity and contrast in a handheld package and it had to be smartphone friendly. After lots of searching and testing some products that just did not cut it, we found that the AXAA HD Pico projector handled our demands quite well. The unit features a 720P LED system with a driven optical engine that produces an immersive 80 inch high resolution display. It has 150 minutes of onboard lithium power and a media player. We found it easy to connect to USB, Micro SD card and AV. This particular unit also comes with a handy tripod.
So that’s the video component sorted, next up we look for the right sound.

AXAA HD PICO Projector with tripod for smartphones is now available in SA.

AXAA HD PICO Projector with tripod.

Sound: JBL FLIP 3

Mobile sound right now is becoming a necessity, with many companies pushing their products in the wireless sound market. For the sound component we needed a unit that would work with our system, either with the Smartphone or the projector. In our search we found the Marshall Stanmore to be quite a performer but in terms of mobility it doesn’t stand up too well. The JBL FLIP 3 was our winner with its simple design yet powerful sound muscle. JBL really outdid themselves with both the build and design of the new FLIP 3.The unit is wrapped in splash proof fabric with both wired and wireless connectivity. It uses Bluetooth 4.1 and has a range of 10 metres. The unit is so easy to use and connect with buttons that have just the right amount of give, not feeling cheap at all, despite its modest price. We got close to 9 hours of playback from the onboard 3000 mAh battery and it still had reserve power. The lows are nice and full sounding while the mids hit the right spots. Its handles highs very well too and being JBL they have not left anything to chance here, definitely a unit that is up there in their best products of all time.

JBL FLIP 3 is waterproof too and easy to use and is smartphone friendly.

JBL FLIP 3 is waterproof too and easy to use.


So we headed out to test the rig. The projector was connected to our Samsung S6 via USB and the speaker to the Smart phone via Bluetooth. We loaded up showmax onto the device and fired up ‘Kill Bill Volume 2’. Let’s just say it was an experience like no other. Here we were watching a movie in the backyard with great sound and picture at 11pm – no extension leads and no generator. You got to love technology.

The cost of this rig excluding the Smartphone would be around R5000, which isn’t bad for a cinema experience that you can throw into your back up.

* Find the Projector at The Gadget Shop for R3499.

Find the JBL FLIP 3 for R1499 at Takealot.

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