Primi rebrands with a host of new offerings

Primi rebrands with a host of new offerings

PRIMI: A rebranding packed with loads of new flavours

The restaurant chain formerly known as Primi Piatti has reinvented itself with a new menu and new branding. From now on it is known as PRIMI writes Bianca Coleman.

While the offerings have changed – quite drastically – the emphasis remains firmly on traditional centuries-old Mediterranean recipes and top quality ingredients without any artificial additives, with which we have come to associate PRIMI. Premium 00-grade stoneground flour, bronze-drawn artisan pasta (no, I didn’t know what that is either, but it’s a real thing and part of a pasta-making process) and pure tomato pulp are imported from Italy. Fresh herbs, desert rock salt, toum (garlic sauce, thank you again, Google) and olive oil enhance the prime cuts of meat, sustainably farmed salmon trout and vegetables. Even the dipping sauces and PRIMI condiments are freshly made from scratch. Moreover, ozone is used with filtered water to clean and naturally preserve ingredients, so diners can rest assured the tasty dishes are also packed with nutrition.

While you will still find a large selection of pastas and pizzas making up the majority of the menu – albeit presented in a different format – as well as main courses covering meat, poultry and seafood, a new section has been added. Spuntini is the Italian concept for sharing food, in the manner of tapas, a word with which we are quite familiar. It’s a fabulous way to eat, whether you just want a snack to tide you over between “proper” meals, or something to nibble while drinking wine, or to make up a full feast between friends.

In this section you will find things like chicken livers, zucchini fries, olives, flatbreads, crostini, salads and more. On the day we visited the V&A Waterfront PRIMI with its wonderful view of the ocean, we dove right in and ordered the antipasti platter for two. Planning ahead, we had already decided on main courses but frankly, we did not need them; the platter was enormous and with extra rosemary and rock salt focaccia, it was more than enough for a shared meal. It contained charcuterie like salami and parma ham, grilled zucchini, olives, cheeses, and marinated mushrooms.

If we have to be honest, one of the reasons we still had our main dishes was because the battered zucchini fries are offered as a side dish, which I had with my steak – 300g rump served with creamed garlic and porcini mushroom puree – as well as cauliflower puree as an additional side. This logic is not sound, since the fries can be ordered on their own, but let’s just roll with it.

The Primi 300g rump served with creamed garlic and porcini mushroom puree.

300g rump served with creamed garlic and porcini mushroom puree

My friend had a California pizza with bacon, feta and avo. Wheat and gluten-free bases (as well as pastas) are available on request. You simply cannot go wrong with a pizza at PRIMI.

There is a handful of dessert options, and grownup milkshakes to finish on a sweet note.

Co-founder Cesco Zanasi says PRIMI is “a celebration of heritage and craftsmanship. The dishes are fresh, honest, nutritious, colourful and joyous; an exploration of flavour, depth and texture to be enjoyed as a Mediterranean-style, shared eating experience.”

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