CAST: Neels van Jaarsveld, Leandie du Randt, Tim Theron, Bouwer Bosch, Tertius Meintjes, Edwin Van Der Walt, Luan Jacobs, Danie Putter, Drikus Volschenk

DIRECTOR: Byron Davis

Emma le Roux is on her way home to the family farm in the Great Karoo. Pretty, soft little Emma, the pacifist primary school teacher. She has made the trip A thousand times without incident. But not today…

Today she will cross paths with Bosman, Baz, Jay, Boela, AJ and Piet. Bosman is the mastermind of the drug syndicate. A psychopath, he is savage and violent. Baz and Jay are his henchmen – murderers, monsters. AJ and Boela, spoiled brats looking for validation, are on board to make a quick buck in the criminal underworld. And then there’s Piet, the weakling who is willing to do just about anything for his cousin Bosman.

Emma witnesses them committing a murder, and they see her seeing them. Now they’re hunting her down like an animal. But they don’t know who this girl is and nothing is going according to plan. In fact, everything is falling apart, and fast. At first they were driven by hate and revenge. Suddenly, it’s survival.

This is the latest opus from revered crime novelist and screenwriter Deon Meyer.

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