Cape Town Art Guide -10Mar

Jody Paulsen
SMAC Gallery presents a solo exhibition by Jody Paulsen featuring his iconic felt collages, graphic works and new sculptural installations.

Until 25 March


SMAC, 1st Floor, The Palms, 145 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock

Tel: (021) 461 1029

Lhola Amira – Looking for Ghana & The Red Suitcase
The South African artist engaged with current issues of contention while she was on the continent, through a number of appearances and interactions. In her signature fusion of politics, economics and art, Lhola Amira developed Looking for Ghana & The Red Suitcase as the first installment of further physical investigations into assumption, contradictions and associations placed on contemporary definitions of Africa. 

Until 1 April


SMAC, 1st Floor, De Wet Centre, 2 Church Street, Stellenbosch

Tel: (021) 887 3607

Pushing Thirty
As his first solo show, Pushing Thirty is what Jody Paulsen describes as a ‘millenial approach to becoming an adult’. Beneath its playful veneer lies a nuanced meditation on aging that situates time as a material commodity inherent in Jody’s production.

Until 25 Mar @ 9am


SMAC Art Gallery. 145 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock.

(Tel) 021-461-1029


Lou Ros
Lou Ros’ art is centered round the de-structuring of form, rather than simply reproducing the original in perfection. His work is often unfinished and seems imperfect but it is made this way to challenge the viewer.

Until 10 Mar @ 9am


The Christopher Moller Art Gallery. 7 Kloofnek Road, Gardens.

(Tel) 021-422-1599

Surface Tension
Karen Cronje is a painter who lives and works in Cape Town. She holds a BA in Visual Arts (cum laude) (1997) and an MA in Visual Arts (2001) from the University of Stellenbosch. This would be his first solo exhibition for 2017.

Until 25 Mar @ 9AM

99 Loop Gallery. On Loop Street, Central Cape Town.

(Tel) 021-422-3766