Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017

Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017

Cycle Tour 2017 SA’s most iconic cycling event

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is turning 40 on Sunday, March 12 and the organizers are brimming with excitement to commemorate this massive milestone of SA’s most iconic cycling event.

Grown from humble beginnings in 1978 when just 525 riders took part, 2017’s 40th event will see 35000 cyclists line up in Hertzog Boulevard to tackle the spectacular 109-kilometre loop of the Cape’s peninsula. In so doing, they will not only participate in the world’s largest timed cycling event, but be part of a special day in the history of the event.

The 40th Cape Town Cycle Tour is the fourth and final event in the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust’s annual Cape Town Cycle Tour Lifecycle Week – a week-long celebration of cycling, healthy lifestyles and outdoor sporting fun.

Other Lifecycle Week events take place on the following dates:

  • Cape Town Cycle Tour Junior: Sunday, March 5
  • Cape Town Cycle Tour MTB Challenge: March 4 and 5
  • Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo: March 9, 10 and 11

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