The Dissapoinments Room

The Dissapoinments Room



DIRECTOR:  D.J. Caruso

Dana (Kate Beckinsale), David (Mel Raido) and their young son Lucas (Duncan Joiner) have left the hustle and bustle of city life for a fresh start in the country after a family tragedy. They move into a stately old manor in desperate need of restoration – the perfect project for Dana, an architect, to dive into while moving on from her painful past. The local townspeople are thrilled at the prospect of new faces in the small community and are quick to offer their services, including the local handyman, the handsome and flirtatious Ben (Lucas Till).

But the house is no idyllic retreat in the countryside for Dana and her family. Shortly after moving in, she begins to be haunted by terrifying and deeply unsettling visions and dreams. During her exploration of the home, her sharp eye notices a window in the attic, leading her to discover a secret room with a metal floor, a window that will not open and a door that only locks from the outside.

Upon unlocking the room, Dana soon senses that something about the house is deeply amiss and becomes subjected to psychological and physical horrors. Dana’s research leads her to discover the home’s previous tenants – a prominent judge, Ernest Blacker (Gerald McRaney), his wife (Jennifer Leigh Mann) and their young daughter (Ella Jones) who lived in the home in the late nineteenth century. To Dana’s horror, she comes to understand that their daughter’s physical impairment caused the socially prominent Blackers to use the room in the attic – their “disappointments room” – to hide away their daughter and her condition from the rest of the world.

The more Dana delves into the Blacker family’s history, the more she experiences bone-chilling encounters with the terrifying Judge Blacker out for revenge, soon becoming confused by what is real and what is only in her imagination. She must battle back against the evil entity trapped within the house – and her own personal demons after the accident that took the life of her baby daughter – in order to protect herself and her family.

Inspired by true events, ‘The Disappointments Room’ is directed by D.J. Caruso (‘Disturbia’) from a script by Wentworth Miller (‘Stoker)’.

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