Velvet Room beckons comedy lovers at Suidoosterfees

Velvet Room beckons comedy lovers at Suidoosterfees

In the build-up to this year’s Suidoosterfees, we are putting the spotlight on a comedy star that has had an undeniable impact on the local stand-up scene: the lovable Schalk Bezuidenhout.

The comedy award winner will form part of the billing for the showcase ‘Die Laaste Lag’ (The Last Laugh), which forms part of the Suidoosterfees’s Fluweelkamer (Velvet Room), a venue that will feature a variety of acts specialising in such diverse fare as classical and contemporary music, as well as dance.

‘Die Laaste Lag’ is a late-night comedy show at the 2017 Suidoosterfees hosted by perennial Cape Town favourite comedian, Stuart Taylor. Featuring the very best stand-up comics in Cape Town, Taylor will host a different line-up every night, featuring Bezuidenhoud, Mel Jones and Melt Sieberhagen as headline acts.

This intimate comedy show provides an opportunity for festival-goers to unwind, have a drink, and “wrap up” their day. Each show runs for 60 minutes with changing line-ups every evening.

You have been a professional comedian for a while now. Where and how did it start for you?

I started in 2011, when I was accepted into the Theatre & Performance programme at UCT. I did a BA that consisted of watching ‘Breaking Bad’ and drinking beer. I needed to get onto stage one way or another, and that’s when I discovered comedy. Acting is still my first love, but now I am in a very happy relationship with both acting and stand-up. Acting sometimes becomes jealous of stand-up, but generally we’re all very happy.

You’re involved with the Suidoosterfees’s late night cabaret and comedy project, the Fluweelkamer (Velvet Room). What can audiences look forward to?

Well, firstly, with a name like “Fluweelkamer”, how can it not be “lekker”? Every time in my life in which velvet was involved proved to be memorable. But to answer your question, people can look forward to laughing. It’s as simple as that. We do comedy to get people to laugh, and it is what we will achieve on the night.

Tell us a bit about the other comedians involved with ‘Die Laaste Lag’ (The Last Laugh).

Well, Stuart Taylor is an absolute legend amongst Cape Town comedians. I’ve worked a ton with Melt and Mel before and both are fantastic.

What was the last thing that made you laugh your behind off?

Myself. When I think back on some of the things I have done, I want to climb under a rock and never come out, but with time it becomes funny and fodder for comedy.

* Performances of ‘Die Laaste Lag’ will take place in the evening at the Artscape Velvet Room from Thursday to Saturday, April 27 to 29.

Bookings are through Computicket, or at the Artscape box office on 021 410 9838.