Delicous low carb with Jenny Morris

Delicous low carb with Jenny Morris

Deliciously low carb fare for your family

Research shows that for the first time in history there are more obese people than starving people. ‘Delicious Low Carb’, by respected dietician Sally-Ann Creed from ‘The Real Meal Revolution’, contains healthy, affordable, practical recipes for low-carb living.

She explains what such a lifestyle entails and how to minimise grains, carbohydrates and sugar. She also discusses issues like fibre and why women battle with food high in fat. It is evident from the recipes for breakfast, lunchbox ideas for kids, finger foods, soup, baking and even pizzas, mains and sides, sauces, snacks, cake and cookies, puddings and beverages that it is indeed possible to make a homemade meal for your family every night. The writing is also highly readable and accessible.

Sally-Ann is a Functional Integrative Nutritional Therapist, product developer, speaker, author and co-author of the best-selling ‘The Real Meal Revolution’. She is married to Bill, have no children, and is devoted to her two Dobermanns, Boaz and Charis. She became the first qualified Clinical Nutritionist in South Africa in 1997 and experience the joy of seeing lives changed daily in her private practice.

Let’s cook!

Banana Pancakes or Fritters

Yes, bananas are higher in carbs, but if you get a green-tipped one there are fewer carbs. There is resistant starch present that will not be treated as a carb, and your gut flora will have a feast while you enjoy the taste. And bananas are way better than using white flour. Kids will also enjoy the fruity taste of the pancakes.

Serves 1 or 2 children as a nourishing breakfast


1 green-tipped banana (100g after peeling)

2 eggs

1 teaspoon psyllium husks

Butter, for frying

Optional: A squeeze of lemon juice, sprinkling of ground

Cinnamon, drizzle of honey


Mash the banana, eggs and psyllium husks together.

Place the butter in a frying pan and, when sizzling, place tablespoons of the mixture into the pan, leaving plenty of space between them.

Turn them when the first side is cooked, and cook the second side.

Add a squeeze of lemon juice, sprinkle with cinnamon and even add a teensy drizzle of honey if you desire.

No-grain Brekkie Roll-up

Your family will love this it is dead easy, quick and a good alternative for a wrap. It will also provide heaps of protein, healthy choline for your brain function during the day, and keep you full for hours. Kids of all ages will enjoy the different way this is served.

Serves 1


2 eggs

1 tablespoon butter, for frying


Beat the eggs together.

Heat the butter in a heavy-bottomed frying pan to a gentle sizzle and then pour in the egg mixture to cover the bottom of the pan like a pancake.

When you see that the underside is almost cooked, gently flip over and allow it to cook on the reverse side just like a pancake.

Slide the pancake out of the pan onto a plate.

You can either use this hot or cold, but treat it like a pancake and fill it with anything you like, roll it up and slice diagonally so that it looks like a wrap.

If you then wrap it in greaseproof paper, you can eat it like a roll or make it fun and even wrap in brown paper or newspaper for Friday night TV dinners.

Some ideas for fillings:

Bacon, smoked salmon, avocado, cheese, cream cheese, ham, tuna and mayo, tomatoes the list is endless, and you can make a variety of different ones according to your family’s likes and what’s in the fridge.