Endangered primates have a home at Monkey Town

Endangered primates have a home at Monkey Town

Monkey Town Primate Centre in Somerset West is a wildlife Centre for monkeys and apes with more than 230 animals and 28 different exotic species including Tammy, Ruby, and Sunny, their famous chimp sisters. There are also koi ponds, many bird species and small antelope on the premises.

Most of the different species at Monkey Town were born in captivity. Some used to be lonely pets kept mostly in cages while others were rejected by their mothers due to the unfortunate fact that female primates raised in isolation seldom learn to nurture their young.

At Monkey Town these discarded animals are reintroduced to members of their own species and eventually become part of family groups. Many of the 28 species at Monkey Town are on the endangered list, mainly due to diminishing habitats, deforestation, the bush meat and pet traders.

The Centre invites schools to visit with their learners for an educational outing and to take part in their special programme. They can accommodate up to 120 learners from Mondays to Fridays.

The various programmes include a short presentation by Monkey Town staff followed by a group activity and a guided field trip and tour through Monkey Town. The time allocated should be at least one hour.

Special entry fee for learners is R25.00. One teacher/adult per 10 learners may go into the park free of charge to supervise. There is a restaurant serving light meals and refreshments. Learners may bring their own lunch boxes and tuck shop money.

“Here at Monkey Town we like to mix work with play. Not only are we experts in all things to do about monkeys; we are also experts when it comes to entertaining our guests,” says management.

“Obviously weekends are supposed to be a lot of fun and Monkey Town is a fun place to be. After you have finished your tour and learned all there is to learn about monkeys, we have quite a few other things for you to do. On our premises, we have a fully licenced restaurant with a menu that will make your mouth water. We have a Play Park for children and swimming pools. We also have a huge picnic and braai area.

“If you want to stay for a few days, we also have a luxurious guest house with satelite TV in every room,” they add.

* Visit www.monkeys.co.za for more information and to keep up to date with what the centre has planned. Craft markets and live band performances have become part of the regular programme of events.

Monkey Town Primate Centre is situated on Mondeor Road, Somerset West.

Call 021 858 1060 for equiries.

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