“Mesmeric” exhibition of wellness art in Sea Point by Dr Michael Durst

“Mesmeric” exhibition of wellness art in Sea Point by Dr Michael Durst

Cape Town artist, Dr. Michael Durst, is back by popular demand to present another solo exhibition of his artwork, entitled ‘Sacred Heartscapes’, at Winchester Mansions Hotel at 221 Beach Road in Sea Point, starting on Friday, February 3, at the “Grapes, Gourmet and Gallery Evening” and continuing for a month. The exhibition includes four genres of the artist’s work: ‘Sacred Spirit of Wildlife’, ‘Sacred Geometric Visions’, ‘Jazz-Age Beauties’ and ‘Heartscapes for Love’.

‘Sacred Geometric Visions’ consists of mixed media images, using fractal art work. Each of these works has been created as a repository for subconscious positive thoughts and feelings, “allowing the viewer to feel mesmerised with a sense of internal peace for physical, mental and spiritual well-being.”

Artists like Durst use fractal programs to change a myriad of variables such as composition, light, shadow, and colour so that each is a unique work.

What makes Durst’s work different from most other fractal artists is that he often combines many layers of fractals and human images into his artwork and then he uses multiple “glazes” of acrylic paint and medium to intensify the vivid colours and the iridescence, because light refracts differently between the layers. This process also adds greatly to the three dimensional effect.

Because of his unique and artistic style, Durst’s works have gained more First Place awards on Fine Art America and Fine Art England than any other fractal artist. His work has been hailed as a breakthrough in the world of digital art, since it has garnered over 390000 visits on his Fine Art America gallery.

* To see all of the works on exhibition, visit Durst’s website at www.HeartscapePaintings.com.

Durst’s art can be viewed for free at Winchester Mansions at 221 Beach Road in Sea Point from 8am to 8pm daily.