Gadget Buddies try out ‘Robinson: The Journey’ (PSVR) and more

Gadget Buddies try out ‘Robinson: The Journey’ (PSVR) and more

Imran Khan our resident gadget buddy takes a look atRobinson: The Journey’ (PSVR) , AI Evolution and the Selfie Cam Drone.

Robinson: The Journey’ (PSVR)

We were fortunate enough to try out this game recently on PlayStation Virtual Reality. It really is a strange combination of a lot of adventure game components we already know, except this time it is on VR. Crytek never disappoints, so the graphics and textures of the worlds are nothing short of impressive, giving the game that sense of realness. You enter the game as a young boy named Robin, which is the sole survivor of a planned colonization effort on a distant planet. We climbed monkey bars, solved puzzles and avoided tar pits. The game is fairly easy and in one afternoon we were way too far into the game and would have probably finished the game if we didn’t have to work the next day. We would sum it up as a great introduction to Virtual reality; a taste of what is to come.

So if you really want to experience VR right now, this is one of the best games to start on. Available now at for R875 on PlayStation 4.

AI Evolution

Artificial intelligence is getting better and is already challenging the minds of some of the best in the business. A recent project called ‘Libratus’ is making waves online as it has started opening up a gap between its human opponents. The system was written to challenge four world professional Poker players. The 20 day contest is taking place at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh and gives players 120000 hands of heads-up, no limit Texas Hold ’em Poker. One of the players, Jimmy Chou, initially underestimated Libratus but soon found out how tough it could be. The project is a culmination of research and development by Carnegie Mellon researchers hoping to develop the next level of artificial intelligence. In the future, the researchers hope to develop Libratus to negotiate important business deals, calculate military strategy and even plan out medical treatment. All these areas contain information that is often not complete, yet need big decisions to be made.

You can view some of the matches now on YouTube.

Selfie Cam Drone

It’s officially time to take your selfie game to the next level with the first autonomous drone that fits onto your phone like a standard back case. Essentially the unit is a stabilising drone which can be controlled with your Smartphone and left to hover in one spot and set to start capturing images. The handy little unit is equipped with an 8 megapixel camera and can shoot 1080p HD video quality at 30 frames per second. We were a little disappointed to hear that it only has a flight time of 5 minutes. This device is still in the development stages and is on Kickstarter, a crowd funding website. Although the idea sounds amazing, there is still a chance that it would be used for the wrong reasons. We are following its progress closely so watch this space for more.