On at The Atterbury Theatre

Voel innie hand:

Over the past 17 years Pierre van Pletzen has provided entertainment as the much loved Oubaas in the popular soap opera, 7de Laan.

Pierre is back after 46 years in a one-man farce Voëlinnie Hand, not as Oubaas, but as a talented old actor who realizes in the opening act, that there are no other actors on stage and decides to proceed alone. Performing the whole play alone causes great stress and drives him to drink more and more as the show goes on, resulting in sharp, humorous attacks on everything and everyone.


Tobi Jooste and Corlea  will create a spectacular concert with some of their best loved songs and famous songs from the musicals like (“Chicago, Lion King and Mamma Mia!, Beauty”). Their voices blend together beautifully and they will delight audiences with  humor and entertainment and a glimpse at the lighter side of the life of a singer.

Mathys Roets:

Mathys Roets is one of the few local artists who can perform Cohen as it should be heard. His performance of Cohen has once been described as “an amazing, authentic rendition”. In this show, all the popular Leonard Cohen songs, such as Famous Blue Raincoat, Suzanne and Hallelujah, together with all the other favourites will be on stage. Mathys teams up with Matthys Maree (piano) and Liesl du Toit (backing vocals) to bring Cohen to life again.


Jasper and Fransie move in together into their own flat. They are a perfect match, but load shedding forces the two away from technology and closer together. The perfect relationship is placed under a magnifying glass. What happens when the door to the outside world closes and we experience each other fully?

Beurtkrag – 20:00, 20:00, 15:00 3-5 Feb R140
Songs of Leonard Cohen – 20:00 7 Feb R150/170
Memories of Broadway – 20:00 9 Feb R180/200
Voël Innie Hand (16 years old and older) – 20:00 11 Feb R140-160
Jak De Priester – 15 Jaar – 20:00 13 & 14 Feb R150-170

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Nolene on 012-471-1700